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Join Shlomo in his mission to build a safe and prosperous Miami-Dade County!

VOTE AUGUST 20, 2024

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A dedicated husband and father of five, Shlomo Danzinger relocated his family to Miami in pursuit of a better life. Shlomo's unwavering dedication to family and community shines through, proving him a leader who prioritizes the well-being of all.


As mayor, Danzinger led initiatives to honor the 98 lives lost in a tragic Surfside building collapse, while championing condo safety reform. Throughout his tenure, he led with distinction, tackling tough issues head-on and gaining national attention for his unwavering positions on controversial matters. Despite facing threats, he boldly pursued initiatives and made tough decisions, guided by a deep commitment to integrity, even in the face of opposition.

Through his role as mayor, Shlomo forged strong ties with the State, championing Surfside's interests and securing millions in appropriations. Through collaborative efforts with legislators, he crafted impactful legislation and ensured his city received vital resources for infrastructure and safety initiatives, showcasing his commitment to delivering tangible benefits not only to his constituents but also to all residents of Florida.

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One-on-One with Shlomo Danzinger

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Despite thousands of South Florida residents struggling to keep their homes amidst soaring insurance and inflation rates, Daniella Levine-Cava has proposed a tax increase for Miami-Dade County so she can borrow $2.5 billion for social equality programs.


In spite of the State of Florida standing as a beacon for law and order, Miami-Dade County's mayor Daniella Levine-Cava bends the knee in a gesture of protest against Law Enforcement and the justice system, a symbol that invites anarchy and disorder to our community.


With the rise of Antisemitism across the nation, it has become crucial for our leaders to take a strong position against terror and hate. Unfortunately, Daniella Levine-Cava is keen on spending tax-payer money on police protection for pro-Hamas and anti-U.S. demonstrators.

The Time for Change is Now!


Join Shlomo in his mission to build a safe and prosperous Miami-Dade County!

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